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Introducing yet another updated Techard Steam and Power Ltd website is an expressive moment for me as I contemplate on my journey for the last 34 years in business, since inception. Reflecting on how equally my life and Techard have advanced I am proud by what means the company has successfully developed and continues to progress and diversify its product range.

Over the years I have matured, gained wisdom and experience, so too the company has evolved from a fledgling business to our present day set up. The present day achievement of Techard Steam and Power Ltd is the result of assiduous professional initiative and a continuous drive towards innovation on the part of our entire team. This website is just one of the examples of our commitment towards continuous improvement and innovation. In this website you will find our complete range of industrial, general and technical hardware products for your perusal.

As a growing dynamic management team we are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our business. Our goal is to prolong to strive for excellence as we seek your business and your trust in us.

If you have any questions about our products, and would like to place an order please get in contact with our Sales Team.

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Mr. Pradip .A. Patel
Managing Director