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We supply a wide range of products for use in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. We stock products from Europe (including U.K, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, and the Czech Republic) as well as products from China, India and Taiwan.

We have a great selection of electrical products, including fluorescent tube fitting 4ft, bulbs pin type 60w, pattress box double, cable ties 8″, flexible electrical cables rolls 1.5mm x 3core, and many more.View Products

General Hardware
We are predominantly involved in the purchase and distribution of general hardware products, with the most popular being Metal Cutting Disk 7”, Super Glue 3ml Loctite, Galvanized Union ½”, Hose Clips Terry, and Rubber Trolley Wheels 4”.View Products

Safety Products
We provide the highest standard and quality of safety products: Ear Muffs, Safety goggles clear vented, Leather heavy duty gloves 10″, Safety helmets and Disposable Dusk Mask.View Products

We have a remarkable selection of tools. Our most popular Tools Products are Hacksaw Blades from Eclipse, Twisted HSS Drill Bits, 7” Hitachi Angle Grinders, Combination Spanners, and 10” Flat Tiles.View Products

Welding Products
We provide a wide selection of welding products such as: Gas Cutting Torch, ANM cutting nozzles standard 75mm, Welding Shield hand type, Mild steal welding rods 3.25mm, Brass brazing flux ½ Kg jar, and many more.View Products